Discography featuring Bernard Garfield in solo and small ensemble:


Academy Trio XRS 4115; clarinet, bassoon and piano, works by Villa-Lobos, Poulanc, Alec Wilder

Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet MS6584; Pastorales: Schubert, Grainger, Stravinsky, Jolivet, Persichetti, Wailly, Pierne, Milhaud

Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet ML6199; Vivaldi; Cambini; Rossini; Ponchielli

NY Woodwind Quintet ML4846; Sextet for Wind Instruments and Piano by Edward Burlingame Hill

NY Woodwind Quintet EMS 6; Milhaud

NY Woodwind Quintet ES505; Ibert, Milhaud, Bozza, Taffanel

NY Woodwind Quintet CR3019; Alec Wilder Quintets

NY Woodwind Quintet CRS4208; Alec Wilder arrangement of songs

NY Woodwind Quintet SPL 737; Rossini

NY Woodwind Quintet PH110; Villa-Lobos

NY Woodwind Quintet M-1216; Dahl. Barber, Etler

NY Woodwind Quintet M-1205; Hindemith, Danzi

Little Orchestra Society Woodwinds EMS1; Beethoven Octets

Hindemith Sonata EMS4; bassoon solo

Vivaldi “La Notte” Concerto CHC-56; bassoon solo

Philadelphia Orchestra MS6977; Weber Hungarian Fantasy; bassoon solo

Philadelphia Orchestra ML5851; Mozart Concerto; bassoon solo

Philadelphia Orchestra ML5374; Mozart Concertante, Haydn Concertante


Garfield Quartet No 1 Bassoon and String Trio; Performed by B. Garfield and members of 1807 and Friends, Produced by Direct-to-Tape Recording Co., Haddon Heights, NJ, Ph. 856-547-6890

Music of Bernard H Garfield; Performed by John Clouser, Principal bassoonist of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

Mozart Bassoon Concerto SBK 665652; Phila. Orchestra, Sony Music: Essential Classics

Mozart Sinfonia Concertante SBK 67177; Phila.Orchestra, Sony Music: Essential Classics

Haydn Sinfonia Concertante SBK 62649; Phila.Orchestra, Sony Music: Essential Classics


The above listing is partial and in the process of being updated.